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The Village

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Rochefort en Yvelines is a remarkable village in the south of Ile de France,
located in the Parc de la Haute Vallee de Chevreuse, 45 kms from Paris, Versailles and Chartres.


Stately old city, it lies at the foot of a wooded hill where there are few
remains of the castle fort built in the eleventh century by the Seneschal The Red Guy.

A former bailiwick, now converted into a town hall, old houses with porch sometimes surmounted by a crest, paved streets, a church overlooking the village and has retained its old cemetery where are buried the princes of Rohan, are all testimonies of the feudal past of Rochefort.


A second castle was built by Hercules de Rohan in the sixteenth century, was destroyed and rebuilt to give the current castle called "Louis XIII".

Another castle, built for the financier Jules Porges in 1899, located in the Gulf of Rochefort is a greatly enlarged replica of the Palace of the Legion of Honor in Paris.

The natural, cultural and leisure Rochefort make it a very attractive village on the outskirts of the capital.


The Region

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Rochefort en yvelines is located south of the Yvelines department, on the border of the departments 91 and 45.
Rochefort is integrated with the Regional Natural Park of the Chevreuse Valley High since 1994.

The region remains one of the main regions of Ile de France predominantly rural outskirts of Paris.

The Parc de la Haute Vallée de Chevreuse helps to preserve a natural heritage of quality, with 250 kms of marked trails in forests and valleys, picturesque villages, castles and farms, which are all the remarkable sites to visit .


Part of the great forest of Rambouillet forest constitutes 40% of its territory, 90% of the space is occupied by forests, natural areas or farms.


Many trails (including hiking trails) criss-cross the park and can go on foot to explore the sites. Particular, the way Jean-Racine Chevreuse connects to the Abbey of Port-Royal des Champs.

The Château de la Madeleine, a medieval fortress built on the heights of the village of Chevreuse, home to the Park House which can be obtained all relevant information for visiting the park.



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In Rochefort: Visit the village center with up to Les Halles, the Red Guy Street, the church of XII on its promontory with a breathtaking view over the village and its old tile roofs.

A Saint Arnoult 5 km from Rochefort: The House of Aragon Elsa Triolet.

Park in the Valley of Chevreuse between 10 and 20 km from Rochefort:

Marsh castle, Château de Breteuil, Dampierre Castle, Château de la Madeleine in Chevreuse, Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay.


At 15 kms from Rambouillet to Rochefort:

The castle of Rambouillet, the Sheepfold of the castle with his farm animals, and the Espace Rambouillet forest animals and birds of prey at liberty, his Rambolitrain museum, the Museum of the game of goose.

Versailles and 45 kilometers from Rochefort his castle.

Zoo Thoiry 40 km from Rochefort.

France-Miniature in Saint-Quentin en Y 30 km from Rochefort.

Chartres Cathedral and its 40 kms of Rochefort.

Paris, 45 kms from Rochefort, the capital!

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