Massages and Shiatsu

Balinese Care

A skilful blend of slow and deep movements composed of kneading, enveloping gliding, pressure with fingers and palms and gentle stretching that alternate power and softness in the comforting warmth of a warm and fragrant oil. 
Through the stimulation of energy points, this moment of escape will bring you a feeling of gentle serenity. 
Price list :1 session 60mn : 70€.2 consecutive sessions: 130€.
Spa - Guesthouse


Shiatsu is a Japanese art of touch that follows the principles of Chinese medicine.The moderate pressure of the palms and thumbs, exerted on the meridians and acupuncture points, harmonises the circulation of energy and envelops you in real well-being. 
The body relaxes and the mind calms down. Ideal to forget stress and fatigue. 
Shiatsu is practiced in a soft and comfortable outfit. The treatment takes place in our dedicated room.
Price list : 1 session 60mn : 70€.2 consecutive sessions: 130€.
Kobido - Japanese medicine


Kobido is an ancestral treatment, inspired by traditional Japanese medicine. 
This manual "lifting" will give a glow to the face using smoothing techniques, soft percussion, drainage and activation of acupuncture points. Completed by a cranial massage, it will give you a prodigious relaxation of body and mind. 
Comfortable, uncluttered posture on the neck and shoulders and a clean face are recommended.