Treat yourself...

For dinner or for your aperitif, compose your tray:
At your convenience, choose what you wish, according to the selection of the moment, to taste in the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, or in your bedroom.

Home-made" dishes from the Catering Workshop, based on fresh local products:
old-fashioned country terrine 140 gr 4.20€.-Duck terrine 140 gr 4 to 6.30€.-fatty duck liver from Chef Damien. 140 gr 15.00€.
Jars 360 gr 1 pers:-Chicken in thyme syrup and roasted pumpkin 10.00 €.        -Poultry and red bean curry 10.00-Duo of salmon and shrimps with Thai flavour. 12.40€-Pork fondant with spices and Yvelines honey11.70€-Cheese 4€

Our drinks to accompany:
white or red wines, champagne:Ruly white, Mercurey red, around 24 € per bottle.Champagne 40€.Local organic beer Volcelest 4€.Non-alcoholic drinks are available: soft drinks, organic fruit juices, organic sodas and teas "La route des comptoirs", Nespresso coffee.